Enter the Smart Warehouse

By combining state-of-the-art indoor tracking sensors and an IOT platform,
Sonodot offers unrivalled access to operational data and insights.

Thus we help you continuously improve your processes and stay competitive.


Improve your operations through our high-performance sensors and optimisation algorithms.
Retrofit to any machine regardless of brand, size or age. Easy to interface via USB, UART or SPI, and compatible with all major OS.
Keep your employees safe from injuries with alerts and secure from intrusion through our enterprise grade encryption.
Our sensors are easy-to-use and maintain: wireless, plug&play and low-power (many months of autonomy).
Our indoor location intelligence platform connects to your ERP/WMS system to help you gain the actionable insights you need.
All the data you need past, present and future at your fingertips. End to end latencies of order of milliseconds.
Safety & security
Frictionless experience
Improved decisions
Realtime visibility

How It Works


We install anchors around the warehouse. Typically on walls or ceilings.


We place tags on objects such as forklifts, tools and valuable assets to be tracked.


We connect the sensors to the cloud via a gateway and collect positional data about your assets in realtime.


We analyse the data on the platform allowing you to monitor operations and gain insights on how to improve them.

The Platform

All the data you need, past, present and future at your fingertips. Anywhere, anytime.


Observe all events in realtime as they happen in your warehouse with Live View or analyse past events with Time Machine.


Keep track of your KPIs with our Analytics and find opportunities for optimising your operations.


Detect safety hazards and dangerous behaviours such as near collisions. Maintain your fleet proactively.


Gain peace of mind by automating supervision. Our Rules feature helps you customise rules and detect anomalies. Our automated Reporting tool gives you the means to share relevant information with all stakeholders.


Harness the power of our predictive and optimisation tools. Strategic stock allocation, dynamic routing and scheduling.

The Deployment

We give your mobile assets a voice by following a few simple steps:



We send a team of engineers to survey your environment and equipment. < 1 day



We plan and propose a solution to best match your needs



We install and configure our devices and connect them to the cloud. Giving you access to the platform. < 1 day

We install uniquely accurate, plug & play and low-cost indoor tracking sensors wirelessly connected to the cloud via a gateway.

Sonodot strikes a sweet spot in accuracy, ease of use and cost

  • High-performance
    up to 1cm accurate in 3D and low latency
  • Adjustable update rate
    up to 16Hz
  • Long range
    up to 50m intersensor distance
  • Robust
    against reflections, noise, vibrations and shocks.
  • Scalable
    simply add more beacons
  • Self-calibrating
    can be deployed in a matter of minutes

Frequently asked questions

See how we compare
Feature UWB RF Sonodot Stereo Camera
Tag cost
Anchor cost NA
Privacy non-intrusive
Power consumption low low high
Memory requirement low low high
Hardware complexity high low high
Accuracy in 3D 30-100 cm 1-3 cm 0.1-10 cm
Update rate 100 Hz 16 Hz 30 Hz
Range 50-200 m 2-50 m 1-10 m
Robustness very high high moderate
Contextual awareness
Absolute positioning Possible after mapping